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Unfiltered with Odalys & Pabel

Joined forces once again with one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Pabel, the CEO of Plurawl, to create Unfiltered. A new LinkedIn Live series focused on keeping it real when it comes to the Black and Latino experience.

Two of your favorite podcasters/entrepreneurs, Odalys & Pabel launched a new Monthly LinkedIn Live series called Unfiltered.

Both podcasts, Hella Latin@ and ¿Quién Tú Eres?, are all about amplifying our people’s stories. In this series, we’ll both be highlighting some of our own stories and experiences.

We’re bringing all our unfiltered energy to the LinkedIn streets and giving y’all the real tea on topics like:

👔: Career prep

☕️: Networking and building relationships

💃🏻: Navigating identity and intersectionality

🎙: Balancing career and entrepreneurship

🤔: Decision making

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