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Hey, y'all! It's your girl Odalys Jasmine here! First, thank you for coming to my website and second, thank you in advance for reading and scrolling through. So let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I'm Latina, Honduran to be more specific, and I was born a U.S. citizen in a family of Honduran immigrants. My birthplace gave me certain privileges and opportunities my family couldn't have because of their status and an unchecked box. So I promised myself to do everything they couldn't do and take every opportunity offered to me. For them. For my community of immigrants. For my Latinos. For me.

But can I be real with you? That pressure can be heavy. Over time I noticed I wasn't the only one feeling that way—my first-gen and immigrant peers were also carrying similar pressures. And we connected over our shared experiences and stories.


That realization coupled with my journey to self-love and personal growth (aka, finally owning my story) drove me to start Hella Latin@. A podcast for my Latino community to share their immigration and first-gen story. A platform where we can vulnerably embrace the complexities of our identities and the unique experience of navigating Latinidad in America. A space to represent ALL culturas because it's about time our diversity is represented. 

To hear more about my story, click on Hella Latin@ Podcast at the top and check out my first epsiode. (I get deep af!)


Story of the day

I'll share my thoughts, perspectives, news or anything that comes to mind.

I changed my name on LinkedIn! Jasmine Garcia ➡️ Odalys Jasmine Garcia.

My whole life people called me Jasmine. My mom only called me Odalys when she was mad at me—actually, she still does that. 

In school though, my teachers always pronounced Odalys wrong so instead of correcting them, I’d say, just call me Jasmine.

Little did I know I slowly conditioned myself to cringe at the sound of my first name. It felt too different, too Latina...


Let's be bffs

Cuando digo tu amiga Hondureña, I mean it. If you got chisme or ideas for collaboration, dímelo! Connect with me on all social channels or submit a message below. 

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