Depression and Machismo Culture

Alcohol abuse, machismo culture, lack of mental health awareness—just a couple of things our community battles every day. In this episode, Alex Magaña vulnerably opens up about his experience with depression in a culture where men don't typically express their feelings. In the first half of the episode, I'm in the listener seat with you while Alex shares every moment that collectively led him to a life-changing situation.

Alex Magaña is a Mexican-American/Chicano trying to normalize the conversation of mental health, suicide, and depression within the Latinx community. I have had the opportunity to travel the nation speaking about my suicide survival story.Along with that I am an outdoor adventurous man that loves to read, run, hike, Kayak and huge believer that exercise is medicine. Professionally I work in healthcare and I am striving to achieve a further career in medicine to not only break the language barrier in medicine, but also because I have a strong passion for helping others. Connect with Alex on Instagram @alexelguerito and find him on LinkedIn.

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